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Andrada Fiscutean

I'm a technology journalist.

Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Privacy, Hackers, Nation-state malware, Outsourcing, IoT, Technology in Eastern Europe, Romania

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Bulgaria article

Women in tech: Why Bulgaria and Romania are leading in software engineering

Women developers may be scarce in the US and western Europe, but Bulgaria and Romania have no such issues.

Open uri20170725 29189 332dol article

Forget Silicon Valley: Building a startup in Romania may make more sense

​Low-financed startups could find a home in the eastern European country, where overheads and salaries are a quarter of those in San Francisco.

Tequila article

How Eastern Europe's villains changed sides in the malware war - and made you protect your PC

The region, first known as a computer virus factory, has since became one of the most advanced security hubs in the world, housing companies like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and ESET. This is how it happened.

Taste article

How these communist-era Apple II clones helped shape central Europe's IT sector

In the days of communism, many Romanian and Bulgarian children, who now are among the countries' leading technologists, learned to code on replicas of Apple II and ZX Spectrum machines.

Tizen article

Linux-based Tizen: critical bugs leave most SamsungSmart TVs open to attacks

Almost every Samsung Smart TV set sold in the past two years is vulnerable to hackers, according to independent Israeli security researcher Amihai Neiderman.

Cd article

The mix of poverty and piracy that turned Romania into Europe's software development powerhouse

Nearly two-thirds of Romania's computers run at least one piece of illegal software – a sign of a technological heritage that means it now has the most technology workers per capita in Europe.

Vector watch2 article

'We want to be number two behind Apple': The inside story of Vector, the first really smart watch

The 30-day battery life gadget stole the show at Baselworld and will soon hit the markets around the globe.

Greek article

​The Greek tragedy continues: Why so many of Greece's tech firms may abandon its shores

Although large companies are holding on, small and mid-sized tech businesses are struggling to cope with Greece's economic environment.

Bg article

Could Bulgaria's open source law transform government software worldwide?

Ripples from Bulgaria's recent decision requiring all software written for the government to be open source could build into something bigger.