Andrada Fiscutean

Andrada Fiscutean

I'm a technology journalist.

Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Privacy, Hackers, Nation-state malware, Outsourcing, IoT, Technology in Eastern Europe, Romania

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Turc article

Turkish Journalist Jailed for Terrorism Was Framed, Forensics Report Shows

New analysis of Barış Pehlivan's computer finds a very rare, targeted malware called Ahtapot. It only gets stranger from there.

Silueta article

Cybersecurity Researchers Are Hunted from All Sides - Motherboard

Hunted for doing their job, security experts face both digital and real-world threats ranging from “subtle pressure” to Molotov cocktails.

Disc article

A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours

Dozens of hard drives were knocked down during a fire drill that involved inert gas deployment.

Bani article

Meet the Hackers Who Drive the Porsches You Paid For

Ferraris, Porsches, and briefcases full of money show a booming cybercrime industry.

Socket article

​Smart Electrial Sockets Could Be the Next Botnet

Researchers found a vulnerability that poses both physical and online security risks for the user.

Server article

Authorities Just Shut Down One of the World's Largest Malware Networks

More than 800,000 domains were seized, sinkholed , or blocked in 'Operation Avalanche', an effort by law enforcement authorities and researchers in 30 countries.

Code article

Scanning Code for Viruses Is No Longer a Job for Humans

Only a tiny percentage of code analysis is still done by humans.

Heart article

Implantable Cardiac Devices Could Be Vulnerable to Hackers, FDA said

St. Jude Medical has issued a software patch to address the problem.